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Geico “Maxwell” the Pig National TV and Print Campaign

I had the pleasure of shooting the print campaign for Geico’s latest character Maxwell the pig a few months ago for the Martin Agency.

These Geico TV ads just hit the air in the last 2 weeks.IMG_1830

Maxwell the lovable pig is asked to shut his word game down so the plane can take off. He explains he is using his Geico app to take care of business and eventually the “I’ll believe that when pigs fly line” is delivered by the stewardess. IMG_1662

This is part of a national campaign that will follow Maxwell around in various funny scenarios like this airplane vignette.IMG_1757

I believe children will love this character developed by the Martin Agency due to his charm and whit.IMG_1656

I will share more of these set ups as the spots air on TV. Happy New Year!

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