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Geico, “Maxwell is everywhere” campaign “Fruit Ninja”! TV spot with Jennifer Marsala

Here is another Geico TV shoot I did last Fall that just hit the air this week. It features Maxwell the pig on a date with Jennifer Marsala using his Geico App when his car breaks down.IMG_1963
Jennifer sees the opportunity as great moment for some alone time.IMG_2006
Maxwell understands just what she is talking about and pulls up his favorite App to play while they wait for the tow truck.IMG_2026
Bewildered, Jennifer just can’t understand but goes along with it anyways.IMG_2092
This is one of an ongoing series of commercials I worked on for Geico. I will post more on Maxwell the pig as the spots continue to air. If you watch John Stewart or Colbert, you will see these on Comedy Central at some point in the broadcast.

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