About Roger Snider.

I am an advertising and editorial photographer based in Los Angeles Ca. Besides shooting the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man” ads for the last 6 years and numerous other national campaigns, I also travel the world photographing artistically customized working big rigs on the road.You can follow my travels and editorial shoots here on this blog. I grew up aspiring to be a truck driver in the US. Instead, I became a photographer and have used my skills to portray these incredible machines I grew up loving in a positive/fantastical light. My goal is to publish the 1st ever worldwide custom big rig photo book.
These are my 2 sites. Editorial and Advertising www.rogerksnider.com
and the Big Rigs http://www.ultrarigsoftheworld.com/

2 responses to “About Roger Snider.

  1. Hi Roger, This is the 1st time I have came across this site about you and your travels and have to admit, I’m very impressed. Your outlook is very positive and will bear the fruits of all of your labors. I wish you continued success throughout the hemisphere with that camera. Never, and I mean Never stop shooting from all the different angles and lighting conditions. You will only get better and it never hurts to get lucky once in a while. Always bring that studio mentality with you to all the locations, that will bring the best out of you and that camera. A well thought out game plan, location, composition ideas, lighting, time of day all play factors in your end result. I know you know all these things, but always find a creative direction. Good luck on your goals and should the moment come where I can be of any help, don’t hesitate to contact me in person. I have learned so much from other photographers, and keep up the great work.

    Erik Sieben
    714-337-4 10-4 cell

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