WORKBOOK story on my Peterbilt “Class Pays” series

Workbook is the leading photo industry publication that spotlights photographer’s and illustrator’s work. They have been around longer than most other industry publications and started off as an annual, encyclopedia-like print book that was expensive to get your work into. I recently signed on with them as I was just completing this 1st series of “Class” ads. Its an honor to have such a nice write up on their blog. Click Here to read the story.
I was moved by the old ads and calendars that Peterbilt became famous for back in the 70s and 80s.Thinking about how they came up with their ideas and who the ad men were who created them, I decided to use my own resources and make my own version of these historical images. Agnes Olech had a perfect look for this idea so I cast her as the timeless beauty to go with these incredible trucks I shot all over the country. My goal was to convey a level of romanticism I feel is missing from modern big rig advertising today. More images can be seen on my Ultra Rigs site and in magazines yet to named.

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