Lauren Tannehill Magazine Shoot

Lauren Tannehill images from a magazine shoot in Hollywood California May 2012.

Thanks to Starboard Photos for these behind the scenes shots!


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14 responses to “Lauren Tannehill Magazine Shoot

  1. William Delhomme Jr


  2. Stan Ford

    She is hot! Tannehill is one very lucky man!

  3. WOW! What a gorgeous lady (and the legs . . . )!


  4. Mark

    I’m a Dolfan since 1974. Seen it all. Johnny Unitas, Bob Griese, Nick Bunnicotti, Jim Kick, Paul Warfiled, so many to mention in all the year’s. Miami needs a new Johnny Unitas: Intellegence, moves, fakes, etc,,, Although he was not quick on his feet, he always made the big plays, So, I think it is fantastic for not only them, but for the team, providing, as a rookie who is put in his position, performs, and who’s performance on the field and off the field is stellular. She is a beautiful woman, and I hope she and her, I believe, soon to be, Do well in the Grace of God’s Will!

  5. gary

    great looking couple, hope it does’nt go to their heads. we need some people in this magnitude to have an oppretunity to show the public how they can do good in their community with charity & love toward the sick & needy kids.

  6. loverboy

    oh yeah baby

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  8. PittsRu2

    Just what yo want your quarterback to be knwn for, having a hot wife with long legs. Hope he can play with the big boys so she can tag along.

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