Trucks Mag from France 8 Page Story

Here is the cover of the Issue.

Here is the story they ran on my coverage of Super Rigs back in June of 2009 when it was held in Oak Grove Missouri. For some reason they thought this was Vegas.

This story features various portraits I shot of the Quick Shine crew and truck owners in the middle of the night.

Here are the Benson’s and their Peterbilt 379 and other owners I photographed in the parking lot and in a field behind the lot.

It was so hot and humid during the day that it was still in the 90s at night. Most people, like Kyle Benson shown here on his truck, would chose to do most of the work at night just to stop from overheating.

I love the 3 up truck wash shot they included here of Steve Hendershot’s Peterbilt that Billy Carter drives.


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2 responses to “Trucks Mag from France 8 Page Story

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