The most interesting lunch of the week!

As you may know, I have become great friends with Jonathan Goldsmith or as you may know him “The most interesting man in the world” over the last 4 years of working together. Today we were able to meet up for a quick bite and cup of coffee at my most favorite local place, Joans on 3rd

Soon after, we walked a block East to Sweetzer and I shot this of him standing in front of the DOS XX billboard

Then we took a quick drive up to Sunset Blvd near the Arclight and we shot these:

And then quickly over to Big Wangs for a few in the parking lot:

We both though it was cool how they painted the wall using the photo I shot. Jonathan had to run because E! was about to shoot a episode on him back in Marina del Rey. He had just been to the Kentucky Derby where he was cheered by 167,00 people on the jumbotron, and where he also lost some money on the horse “Stay Thirsty”. If you happen to come across some of these billboards in your town, please Facebook me a photo. And if you see Jonathan out and about, don’t hesitate to say hello, he is very nice unless you are TMZ or the paparazzi.

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