When your photos are on Hollywood and Sunset Blvd

I have been driving around Hollywood spotting some images I shot for the DOS XX “Most Interesting Man” campaign for 2011. Besides being on bus stops all over the country, I saw these 2 shots in larger than life formats.

This is a 20 story high, vertical billboard on Hollywood Blvd at Vine. That’s the CNN building in the bottom part of the image in the background.

Then while driving on Sunset, I noticed this other ad just East of the Viper Room. It’s quite an honor to have my work printed so big.


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3 responses to “When your photos are on Hollywood and Sunset Blvd

  1. Meagan

    AMAZING BALL! THAT IS RAD!!!! so proud!

  2. Marlène

    congrats! And guess what: it looks like our old man bowling story will finally be published next week…(I pray nothing happens in the next 2 days to change that). Slighlty edited, because sadly, he does not bowl anymore…

  3. Thanks Meagan! Marlene, I appreciate the update. I can’t believe that story hasn’t run yet! I shot that months ago. Let me know when it goes live. Thanks again!

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