FHM Norway 4 Page Spread

I am proud to announce that this 4 page story isrunning in FHM Norway for the March Issue. The magazine actually hits news stands over there today and I hope to receive a few copies myself in the mail in a few weeks. It can take a little while to get things from overseas through the mail. At any rate, this kind of international, non-trucking publication has always been my goal since I started shooting big rigs.

I love being a contributor to Large Car Mag. Michele and Steve have always been great to me and I love covering the summertime shows for them every year. They even gave me the cover a year ago. Getting my work published in FHM Norway is extra special. It proves my theory that the worldwide custom big rig scene is a legit part of pop culture and the builds/creativity are worthy of a more mainstream audience. I for one believe we should see custom big rigs more in film and TV like they used to be back in the 70s and 80s. Hopefully as my work continues to be published like this, especially on an international level, we might start to see that again.
I wanted to take this time to congratulate and thank all the truck owners around the world who we chosen for this expose. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a magazine with cool gadgets and lots of lovely ladies? Thanks again to all.

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