The Portfolio Video is Live!!!!!

Please have a look and click here<a href=";

Special thanks to Jeff Botelho for the super rad paint job and Sean at Wonderful Machine for spearheading this project! This book represents 3 years of shooting and 3 months of production. Its a one of a kind!

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One response to “The Portfolio Video is Live!!!!!

  1. Suchet Guha aka "Timetraveler" on 19

    Dear sir, just wanted to say..excellent pictures of big rigs from around the world. I am partial to Peterbilt 379 and Kenworth T600 myself, having driven both vehicles thru rain/snow/ice and dry. Covering every state but 7 in the USA. I was a trucker for 5.5 years,and I love trucks, but gave the life up to settle down with my wife. You might want to check out the big rigs in India too, although I do not think they do them up as show trucks there. The Peterbilt in Japan was quite nice.

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