Off to Denton for Peterbilt Open House

Should be coming back with some great photos to make the new book with. Always a great time. The factory really makes everyone feel welcome and the trucks are some of the best in the country. In the mean time here a few shots from the previous 2 years. They are kinda random but I think you get the point. Texas BBQ, Hooters Girls, Bikini Shoot, Truck Cleaning Etc!!!!Meeuwsen  56Meeuwsen  55Meeuwsen  57Meeuwsen  58Meeuwsen  54Meeuwsen  51Meeuwsen  53

By the way, have you checked out my bookstore? The link can be found at the bottom of my BIO page. I have 8 books and they all have full preview mode on them now. Check them out and buy one for the truck lover in the family. Collect all 8! I appreciate the support.Meeuwsen  59Meeuwsen  61Meeuwsen  63Meeuwsen  67Meeuwsen  65Meeuwsen  70Meeuwsen  69Meeuwsen  68Meeuwsen  71Meeuwsen  72Meeuwsen  74Meeuwsen  75Meeuwsen  76

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One response to “Off to Denton for Peterbilt Open House

  1. Chris

    Good afternoon

    Do they have a open house every year ? When does it take place if that is the case ? Where might a guy find formation on this factory open house ? Thanks and good pictures !

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